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A Message from the Headteacher


Dear Mums, Dads, Children and Friends,

Westgate is a popular and thriving school with a good reputation in its local community. We have been reported by OFSTED as a “Good” school on the last two inspections and we think it’s also a happy one!  Staff, pupils, parents and Governors get on well, work together and constantly try to improve on our achievements.  Best of all, we carry out our business with smiles on our faces and good humour in our hearts.

In our school, we are positive and look to reward good behaviour and effort at every opportunity.  Even the youngest children quickly learn to adapt and prosper in our supportive environment.  As they grow, Westgate children discover that learning can be fun. They are enthusiastic and motivated, NOT because they are told they must but because they want to do well for their teachers, their families and themselves.  We treat all our pupils individually, developing their sense of worth and confidence and encourage unique talents to flourish in every child.

We know that what matters most both academically and socially is that magic interaction between people.  We all remember from our own Primary days our "best teacher" and what an impact they had on us.  In our school, we are confident that there are lots of "best teachers", but some of them aren't teachers at all!  All of our support staff and the older children are equally adept at forming and maintaining quality relationships that form the basis for lifelong learning.

High standards, security, friendship, friendly but effective discipline AND FUN?!?  We hope our website is useful in giving you a good flavour of our school and in answering any questions you may have.  To get more information just ring the school office and request a prospectus - or ring me direct - I can talk about our school for a considerable length of time!


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