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Our topic this half term is  the Polar Regions.  In Geography our focus is locating the Polar Regions on a world map. We will also be having a special visit from our very own Polar explorer from Westgate School. This will give the children the opportunity to ask any questions about what it was like to survive in extreme conditions. Finally, we will look at polar animals and how they have adapted to live in such a harsh environment.   In Science we will be exploring facts about the animals that live in the Polar regions. We will compare the Polar animals to domestic animals that we already know. We will compile a fact file about the animals to show their similarities and differences.

In our Literacy work,  we will be looking at the story ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. We will be exploring the story in lots of different ways, focusing specifically on how the characters feel at different points of the story.

We will then create our own Polar themed poems, based on the book ‘Polar Bear Arctic Hare.’   In Art the children are going to be learning the skill of weaving. They will be designing and choosing their own materials to make a blanket to keep a polar bear warm in the snow. The children will be using a loom to create their blanket.








This half term we are thinking about all things fire related.  In history, we will be learning all about The Great Fire of London. We will be jumping back in time to watch how the fire started and how it spread so quickly! We will compare the wooden houses from 1666 to the brick houses we have now.  After looking at all the things that contributed to the fire lasting so long, we will look at how London was rebuilt. We will design, make and evaluate houses in D+T using appropriate materials that would survive better in a fire. In Literacy this half term, we have started looking at writing lists, labels and captions with a focus on the story ’The Great Dragon Bake Off’. The children will be holding their own Bake Off and writing a list of ingredients and captions to describe their creations. We will then be moving on to look at a selection of dragon adventure books by M.P. Robertson, with an end goal of writing our own fire related dragon story. 





In our Africa topic this term, we will begin by comparing our local area to a village in Africa called Salima. The children will look at the similarities and differences between the landscape as well creating some colourful African landscape art work. They will develop their understanding of how people’s lives can differ in the city and in the country. As part of their DT work, the children will choose their favourite African animal to make in puppet form. They will design and make their hand puppet using threading skills to sew their felt pieces together. In English, we will be reading the story ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ by Giles Andrea. The children will be completing a range of exciting activities based around the story, including a jungle dance, poetry and a trip to South Lakes Zoo to feed the giraffes. After looking at the details in the book, the children will write their own story based on what they have learnt. They will also be choosing their favourite African animal to research. We will be looking at what the animals eat, what they look like and how they act in order to complete a fact file! 








Our exciting topic for this term is all about Kings and Queens and we will be celebrating all our wonderful work by holding a Royal Banquet in school to which all parents will be invited!

In our History work, we will be finding out what a Monarch is and why we have one. We will then look at who is in our Royal Family with a focus on finding out facts about Queen Elizabeth II. We will then compare our Monarch now to the Monarchs in the past when Queen Elizabeth I ruled. We will identify how certain things such as the clothing has changed.

In Art the children are going to be learning the skill of printing. They will be exploring the different materials we can print with and what textures and effects they make on the paper. They will then, as a class, discuss the best materials to use to make a final  print of King Henry VIII.

In Literacy, we will be looking at different fairytales and the characters in them. We will be comparing the different fairytales and looking for similarities. Following on from this,  we will focus on the fairytale ‘Cinderella’ and look at the many different versions there are. Finally, using all they have learnt and their Imaginations, the children will write their own Cinderella story changing some of the key events.  Towards the end of the term we will be completing some non-fiction work—following and writing our own instructions for the Royal Banquet!.