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Our brand new topic, the Titanic, is well under way this term. We are immersed in our class book, ‘Titanic Death on the Water’,  which will inspire our own writing in Literacy. We will learn about life on the ship through the eyes of Billy, a young bellboy, whose dad died helping build the Titanic. 

In our topic work we will be learning about the events that led to the sinking of the Titanic and creating our own ‘Titanic Fact Files’. We will also be learning about the  decor on the Titanic, identifying the features of the tiles that were used. We will then create our own designs using lino printing. In Science, we will be carrying out a number of investigations,  taking measurements and readings on a force-meter, in order to learn more about forces, friction and pulleys. We will also be  applying our knowledge to build our very own boats and also fire our own Titanic distress signals.






 Our topic this term is the Vikings.  We will be learning all about this fascinating and gruesome era of history.  In Literacy, we will be writing our own Viking myth based around 'The Saga of Biorn'.  This will be supported through our History sessions where we will be learning about the raids at Lindisfarne and Viking daily life.  We have the exciting opportunity to complete our Design and Technology work at Heysham High this half term.  We will be going for two full afternoons to create Viking purses.  In Art, we will be creating secret messages in Runes (the Viking alphabet) and hopefully displaying some of these at Lancaster Museum, alongside the purses.  Our PE sessions will also centre around our topic with the children creating their own Viking themed dance.  Although we will be using our ICT skills in all of these areas, we will have a particular focus on e-safety this half term.





 We will be learning all about the Romans for our first topic! There are many exciting activities and lessons planned, starting with looking at Roman Gods and Goddesses and mosaics. We are hoping to reserve a space at Lancaster Museum where we can display some of the fantastic work we complete. Keep an eye out on the blog and school Facebook page for some of our creations that we are particularly proud of! 





This half-term the children will be learning about our new topic, ‘The Americas’.  In Literacy, we will be researching the various countries that make up the continent of America and adding this information to a giant class map. Our starting point will be to use atlases to locate the major countries and cities and research both the human and physical geography of the region. We will also learn about the equator and the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. In both French and Literacy, we will find out about the different climate zones and produce our own weather reports.  Once we have completed all of our research, we will be able to produce detailed information texts which we will share with other children in school.

 In Art, we will begin researching the world famous Rio Carnival costumes in preparation for our own Americas-themed carnival. We will design and make various costumes to represent the different countries and showcase these next half-term.