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About our school


Children from across Morecambe and Lancaster are educated here at Westgate. Our school building and the school itself opened in 1991. The building has been extended over the years, most notably in 2006 when a Children’s Centre was built onto the original building. More recently we have constructed a Year 5 and Year 6 Centre to house our older children. This block has 6 classrooms, 3 intervention rooms, a small hall and kitchen and toilets. The décor and furniture reflect our wish to create a more grown up environment for our oldest children.

The school is fortunate to have excellent outdoor facilities. There is a school field, a large all weather surface and an even larger area of tarmac playground. There is more than enough space for playtimes and a wide range of after school clubs. There are two inner courtyards within the building. One is an outdoor resource for Reception children’s outdoor learning and the other a more junior focused area.

The staff here number 100+ with approximately 30 teachers and 35 teaching assistants. The staff are a hard working, conscientious and caring team who endeavour to give the children the best educational opportunities possible. The classrooms are places of learning and are treated as such. Any less than good behaviour is managed quickly through the school’s behaviour policy. Bullying is rare and is dealt with as a priority if it happens.

The children who attend the school come from a range of backgrounds. We believe it’s our job to help them all reach their potential whatever that might be. We encourage all to aim high and to be the best person they can be. On entry approximately half of the children are below the national average. By the time they leave us the vast majority are at the national average or above.

The school employs a Speech Therapist and an Educational Psychologist as part of our team to help us meet our children’s needs. The school’s Pastoral Team, based in our Nurture Room, works with individual children and, when appropriate, their families to break down barriers to children’s learning...



Statement of school aims


The aims of any school are surely to provide for the children of the school the best possible educational and life opportunities it can with the resources available at any given point in time. At Westgate we have taken this generic aim and broken it down into more useable statements. We have taken an imaginary child from a Year 6 class, which is about to leave us to continue their education at High School. We have stated what we hope those children are taking away with them as a result of attending our school. These take the form of skills, knowledge and attitudes. The school mission statement, ethos and principles give context to the aims.


Mission statement:


“Caring, challenging and aiming high.”



“All members of the school community are respected and seen to have potential for improvement. Through effective teaching and learning, supporting and encouraging, together we can enable the fulfilment of that potential. We aim for success for all.”



  • Ours is a school where:
    • There is a positive ethos, confidence and optimism
    • There is a culture of inclusion, enabling the participation and involvement of all
    • There is an environment of opportunity engendering a sense of pride, ownership, responsibility and identity
    • There are caring relationships where children and adults are valued as individuals
    • Diversity is celebrated and respected and we challenge stereotypes
    • We value open and effective communication and consultation
    • We value fairness, honesty and integrity
    • We maintain an open dialogue about how children learn best
    • We value learning and development of pupils, staff and volunteers
    • We learn from each other, making every effort to disseminate good ideas and practice
    • We continually reflect, evaluate and challenge our existing beliefs


Aims of the school:

We wish to see our Year 6 children displaying the following characteristics……

To value themselves as effective learners and members of the community.

To be open-minded, flexible, confident and adaptable in their approach and in the development of their opinions.

Appropriate achievements in all areas of the National Curriculum and beyond.

To be able to use their knowledge and experience to be creative and inventive.

A desire and enthusiasm to learn and the knowledge and motivation required to learn independently.

An ability to tackle problems of all kinds in a scientific and thorough manner.

An ability to know themselves and their capabilities, to recognise and be able to deal with pressure and change and be able to organise and use effectively their leisure time.

An ability to compete as part of a team or individually and to win and lose with grace.

An understanding, respect and tolerance of the habits and beliefs of other people and other nations.

An understanding of their world and the skills and knowledge to be able to make decisions and take action in order to preserve and protect the environment.

The ability to think for themselves, display honesty and recognise right from wrong and have the strength to say “No,” when appropriate.

The ability to communicate effectively, develop good interpersonal relationships and to value and care for all parts of the community and to operate within society as an effective citizen.


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