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 The School Day




The school day begins at 8.55 am. It’s vital children attend punctually and develop good timekeeping habits which will support their education effectively.


Before School

Children should not come to school too early.  The children should arrive on the playground no earlier than 8.45 am, as staff can only provide supervision from that time.  Key Stage 2 children are allowed into school between 8.45 am - 8.55 am if it is raining. Doors open at 8.30am for Key Stage 1 children, who come straight into their classrooms. 

Home Time

KS1 children are handed over to parents at the classroom doors or the cloakroom doors. KS2 children are dismissed from the cloakrooms or their classroom doors.  Parents collect children from the school doors rather than off site.   Any child who is not collected will be asked to wait for their parent/guardian in school.