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Welcome To Year Six











We are so excited to be learning about World War 2 this half-term. In our History sessions, we will begin by understanding some of the reasons for the war starting and key countries (and figures) involved.  Geography this half term will have  a focus on map skills with the children looking at the location of the various countries involved in WW2. Supporting our Literacy work, we will then learn about evacuation and attempt to empathise with those involved.   In Art sessions, we will be looking at the work and techniques of Paul Scott and creating our own piece of sculpture using images from WW2. Finally, in Computing, we are hoping to create a short WW2 inspired  animation.

Our Literacy work this half-term will be focused on the story ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’. We will be  using the book and film to explore the various themes including the ‘Home Front’ and evacuation. Children will be using this story as a model to create their own interpretation using the writing skills they have developed through school.





So far this term we have been learning about Evolution and Inheritance.  The children have certainly increased their knowledge and understanding about how we have evolved and how animals have adapted to survive within their particular habitats. In Art, we will be making tiles to support our giant evolution timeline, which will travel down the Year 6 corridor and end with a presentation of what we think the future will hold as we evolve further. In our Literacy work, the children have been writing some amazing poetry to describe the genetically modified creatures they have designed. Already we are starting to see some fantastic , ambitious and engaging pieces of writing. With a particular focus on spelling and grammar this year, the children are becoming familiar with checking and self-editing their work carefully.