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Westgate Primary School

Friday Letter

Friday 13th July 2018





Dear Parents,

 On Tuesday of this week, at around 7.45 am, a vehicle in the Children’s Centre car park narrowly missed hitting a young child walking through the car park with their parent. We want to avoid any accidents on the school site at any time of the day. Consequently we will make sure the pedestrian gates are both open as early as possible to reduce the numbers walking through the Children’s Centre car park.

 We would be very grateful for your assistance in keeping the school site safe by considering the following actions:


  • Park outside on the road and walk in through one of the pedestrian gates
  • Do not use the Children’s Centre car park as a short cut to the Children’s Centre main entrance – walk up to the school entrance and turn right along the perimeter of the car park
  • Do not park in the bay reserved for disabled parking
  • During the dark mornings wear something light or reflective
  • Breakfast Club parents park on the school car park to reduce traffic on the Children’s Centre car park (which is much smaller)
  • Drive very slowly on the school site even though you may be pushed for time – be very aware there could be small children around

 Thank you in advance for your cooperation in keeping our children, and their parents, safe and sound.

 If there are further incidents like this our only option will be to consider closing the car parks to any vehicles during the early morning period.



S.W.Robinson (Headteacher)



‘Moving Up’ days

As you will know, the children will be spending 2 full days with their new teachers next week. On Monday the children will go into school using this year’s entrance (ie the door they normally enter the building through) and will come out of that door at the end of the day. On Tuesday they will enter school through their new entrance and can be picked up at the end of the day from that same door.

The new teachers are looking forward to meeting the children in their classes and we are sure the children will all enjoy spending some time with their new teachers.


Dinner Money Accounts

We would like to ask parents and carers help out our office staff by settling any outstanding dinner money accounts before we break up for the holidays.  

Please note that the cost of a school lunch will be £2.30 from September. Thank you.


Lost property

We seem to have amassed a huge amount of lost property over the last term, so we will be getting it out and showing it to children so that they can reclaim some of their lost items.

We will leave the items out in the main school hall on Tuesday after school for parents who would like to see if any of their child’s lost property has been found.

After Tuesday the remaining items will be bagged up and sent to a charity shop.


School closing time

On Friday 20th July (the last day of term) school will close at 2pm. We hope that all of our families have a lovely holiday and we look forward to seeing all the children’s happy smiling faces again in September.







Super Work certificates

Certificates are given out in assembly each week to children who have been working extremely hard and we would like to share their success with you.

This week children in the following classes received certificates:   











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