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Friday Letter

Friday 12th January 2018



Happy New Year!

Welcome back everyone, we hope you had a great Christmas break with the children and wish you all the best for the coming year.  Let’s hope 2018 is a great one for our school and all our families!


Value of the month

Our value for January is ‘Determination’ which ties in very well with all those New Year’s resolutions! Assemblies will have this value as a theme and there will also be lessons in class about determination this month. If you spot your child showing determination at home, let their teacher know and they will earn an extra 'catch-me' card for their class.


What time did the snowmen wake Santa?

When the box was finally opened in assembly on the last day of the Christmas term we found out that Jacob Firth had guessed the nearest time (8.21) and so he won the £100 prize. Well done! We hope he and his family had fun spending the money! The money raised from this event went towards parties and treats for the children.


Nativity and Carol Concert Collections

We raised £117.50 after the children’s brilliant performances in December. This money will be sent to Children in Need. Many thanks to everybody who made a contribution.

Dinosaur themed school lunch day – Thursday 18th January

Next week the dinosaurs will be coming to Westgate at lunchtime! The kitchen staff have put together a fantastic menu and every child who has a school dinner on that day will get the dinosaur experience, delicious dinosaur themed food and a free dinosaur toy!

Children can have either prehistoric pizza or herbivore hotdogs accompanied by brachiosaurus baked beans, Jurassic corn on the cob and chindesaurus chips. This will be followed by either dino bone biscuits or mighty mammoth muffins!

You don’t need to fill in any forms, your child can just request a school dinner on the day as usual, and then enjoy the delicious experience!


Deadline for submitting preferences for primary school places

The deadline for applying online for a primary school place is Monday 15th January. If you have a child who will be starting school in September 2018, you need to apply by the 15th, otherwise you may be allocated a place at a school you do not wish your child to attend.


Reading Raffle winners

Each time your child reads their reading book at home and you sign their reading record, they get a raffle ticket for the monthly raffle – the more times a child reads at home, the more chances they have to win a prize!

December’s raffle took place on the last day of term and the winning children from each class came down to the office to choose a prize.

The ‘Reading-at-home’ winners were:

Reception: Pippa Campbell, Rory Myles-Chapelhow, Jacob Procter

Year 1: Marley Page, Lara Cragg, Haitham Abdel-Moneim

Year 2: Ryan Lawson, Katie Lee, Maja Gacka

Year 3: Ava Otoo, Alexandra Motor, Maja Ksiazek

Year 4: Libby Maguire, Steven Burgess, Mica Spindley

Year 5: Skye Moorhouse, Mackenzie Crosse, Paige Powell-Tippet

Year 6: Dorian Mangold, Mackenzie Roe

If your child wants a good chance of winning a prize next time, please encourage them to read to you regularly so that they can earn plenty of raffle tickets for January’s raffle.





Super Work certificates

Certificates are given out in assembly each week to children who have been working extremely hard and we would like to share their success with you.

This week children in the following classes received certificates:

Mrs Parkinson – Yasmine Haddad

Miss Clark – Poppie Booth

Miss Turnbull – Aiden Inglis

Mrs Henderson – Skyler Watson

Miss Moore – Levi Chapelhow

Miss Thompson – Jensen Bradburn

Mrs Johnson – Olivia Bennetts

Miss Willacy – Courtney Redman

Mr Tait – Jessica Rolnik

Miss Earnshaw – Elise Parkinson

Mrs Newton – Joseph Parker

Mr Walton – Jacob Firth

Miss Dalton – Daniel Stevenson

Mrs Reid – Jayden Pearce

Mr Breeze – Jacob Rigby

Mr Clarke – Brandon Parkinson

Miss Braund – Oliver Deakin






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