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Westgate Primary School

Friday Letter

Friday 5th July 2019



Summer Music Mornings

This week’s Summer Mornings of Music have been a tremendous success – if you weren’t able to attend but were anywhere near school, you might even have heard us; the singing was so exuberant!! The theme this year was Growth Mindset and resilience and the children and staff certainly showed lots of this during the performance! Many thanks to all the parents who came and supported us and also to Mrs Johnson, Mrs Rayton and Mrs Molines who worked so hard to pull off this masterpiece!


Race for Life

The success of our first ‘Race For Life’ event is clear to see from the amazing total. Currently, the school has raised a whopping £7000! Thank you to all who has sponsored the children and if you have any outstanding sponsor money, can it please come into school by Monday next week.


Enterprise Week

Next week is ‘Enterprise Week’ in school and every class is being challenged to design, create and market a product before selling it at the Enterprise Sale on Friday12th July. It will be a bit like ‘The Apprentice’, but the winning class (the one which makes the most money) will win a treat …and hopefully no one gets fired!

The sale will start at 1.30pm and each class will have their wares on display in their classroom. Parents will be able to come into school at this time to pick up their child and go around all the classrooms if they wish.

Children whose parents are unable to come into school during the afternoon, can bring money into school that day and the staff will take them to visit some of the classrooms so that they can spend their money. The sale will go on until 3.45pm, so parents who want to pick up their children at the usual time will have 30 minutes to take them round the stalls that still have items left to sell. If you would like to take your child around the stalls, please fill in the slip at the end of this letter to indicate that you will be collecting your child from their classroom at 1.30pm, and return it to your child’s teacher.

We will send out a letter next week to let you know more about the items being sold.


Sports Days

Well done to all the children and staff who have taken part in our Sports Days this week. The children have all really enjoyed being outside practising for their sports days and of course the big day itself! Our thanks go to all the parents who came and supported us and the ‘Friends of Westgate’ who provided water for all the children. The overall winning team will be announced next week.



Today you will have received your child's school report for 2018/19. Please let us know you have received it by signing and returning the parent slip at the bottom of the report. We would be grateful to receive any comments you may have about the report or your child's progress this year etc.

It may be that you have a query about an aspect of the report, or you may wish to come in and celebrate your child's success with your child's teacher. Teachers will be available in their classroom next Monday 8th July from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. If you'd like an appointment to come in please ring the school office and book a time. Please note we won't be able to fit you in on Monday if you just turn up without an appointment.

Information on next year’s classes and teachers will be coming out next Wednesday.



Westgate School – Enterprise Sale 2019


I would like to collect my child ________________________ from class _______

at 1.30pm on Friday 12th July to take them around the Enterprise Sale.


Signed _____________________________________________


Super Work certificates

Certificates are given out in assembly each week to children who have been working extremely hard and we would like to share their success with you.

This week children in the following classes received certificates:










Dear Parents,

 On Tuesday of this week, at around 7.45 am, a vehicle in the Children’s Centre car park narrowly missed hitting a young child walking through the car park with their parent. We want to avoid any accidents on the school site at any time of the day. Consequently we will make sure the pedestrian gates are both open as early as possible to reduce the numbers walking through the Children’s Centre car park.

 We would be very grateful for your assistance in keeping the school site safe by considering the following actions:


  • Park outside on the road and walk in through one of the pedestrian gates
  • Do not use the Children’s Centre car park as a short cut to the Children’s Centre main entrance – walk up to the school entrance and turn right along the perimeter of the car park
  • Do not park in the bay reserved for disabled parking
  • During the dark mornings wear something light or reflective
  • Breakfast Club parents park on the school car park to reduce traffic on the Children’s Centre car park (which is much smaller)
  • Drive very slowly on the school site even though you may be pushed for time – be very aware there could be small children around

 Thank you in advance for your cooperation in keeping our children, and their parents, safe and sound.

 If there are further incidents like this our only option will be to consider closing the car parks to any vehicles during the early morning period.



S.W.Robinson (Headteacher)














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