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Westgate Primary School

Friday Letter

Friday 29th March 2019


Joe Wicks

What an amazing day we all had here at Westgate on Tuesday! We were lucky enough to have Joe Wicks, the well-known health and fitness coach, visit our school. His visit was part of his national tour of schools to promote more exercise within the school day. The whole school enjoyed a workout outside on the playground and then the School Council and Sports Committee met with him for a question and answer session.  Both the children and the staff were buzzing after his visit, particularly as Westgate appeared on the BBC North West news!


The school are planning on using Joe Wick’s fitness videos regularly in PE sessions and assemblies to help improve their fitness. A big thank you to Vanessa Rigby and Mrs Newton for nominating the school for this unique experience! There are many photos of the day on our school Facebook page and the coverage from the BBC can be seen on BBC iPlayer.

PE Kits

At Westgate School, we value the importance of P.E. in our National Curriculum. It is therefore essential that children have a complete P.E. kit in school to enable full participation in lessons. Ideally P.E. kit should be kept in school for the whole half term.

School PE kit, which should be named and in a clearly labelled bag, consists of: 

  • a white t-shirt
  • blue shorts
  • pumps/trainers


Please note; it is not necessary to purchase a ‘Westgate kit’ from the office. A plain white t-shirt and blue shorts from any major retailer will do!


Easter Bingo Donations


Many thanks for all the brilliant donations sent in today for our Easter hampers. The children really enjoyed wearing their favourite clothes and they all looked great. Mrs Purcell and her team of volunteers will be working hard over the next few days to ensure that all the hampers are ready for the big day!!


Easter Bingo

This year’s Easter Bingo will take place on Wednesday 3rd April– doors open at 6.30pm, eyes down at 7pm sharp! There will be a variety of callers and, of course, the chance to win one of our legendary hampers! We do hope that you will be able to join us for an evening of fun for the whole family.


Easter Egg Raffle

We are still collecting Easter Eggs for our annual Easter Egg Raffle. Any donations of eggs or other goodies for our chocolate tower would, again, be really appreciated.

Raffle tickets are still on sale now and cost 20p each. There will be raffles in each classroom before the Grand Draw in the assembly on Friday 5th April.


Easter Lunch 

On Thursday 4th April, there will be a special, tasty Easter themed lunch. Julie and our catering staff will be cooking a delicious lunch of Roast Turkey served with roast potatoes and carrots. For dessert, there will be a choice of chocolate Easter nests or biscuits. It would be great to have as many children enjoying this lunch as possible!


Reading Raffle for March

A big thank you for the continued support with reading at home. Year 1 and 2 children have been particularly excited with the new books that have been purchased thanks to the money contributed from ‘Friends of Westgate’.


The reading winners for March are as follows:

Mrs Livingstone – Antoni Sygitowicz

Mrs Charnley – Jayden Dennison

Mrs Atkinson – Alex Crompton

Mrs Parkinson – Szymon Motor

Miss Thompson – Hartley Cookson

Mr Tait – Jack Turner

Miss Readman – Olivier Goralski

Miss Moore – Layla-Jade Wright

Mrs Daniel – Zakary Greenall

Mrs Johnson – Riley Wolfenden

Miss Willacy – Evie-Rose Whiteside

Miss Montgomery – Katie Lee 

Miss Earnshaw – Bailey-Katie Parker

Mrs Newton – Maddie Dixon

Mr Walton – Leon Gelder

Miss Dalton – Mica Spindley

Miss Rodgers – Libby McGuire

Mr Breeze – Gabby Przywara

Mr Clarke – Max King

Miss Robinson – Ginny Cross

Mrs Reid/Miss Helliwell – Sophie Wood


Super Work certificates

Certificates are given out in assembly each week to children who have been working extremely hard and we would like to share their success with you.

This week children in the following classes received certificates:









Dear Parents,

 On Tuesday of this week, at around 7.45 am, a vehicle in the Children’s Centre car park narrowly missed hitting a young child walking through the car park with their parent. We want to avoid any accidents on the school site at any time of the day. Consequently we will make sure the pedestrian gates are both open as early as possible to reduce the numbers walking through the Children’s Centre car park.

 We would be very grateful for your assistance in keeping the school site safe by considering the following actions:


  • Park outside on the road and walk in through one of the pedestrian gates
  • Do not use the Children’s Centre car park as a short cut to the Children’s Centre main entrance – walk up to the school entrance and turn right along the perimeter of the car park
  • Do not park in the bay reserved for disabled parking
  • During the dark mornings wear something light or reflective
  • Breakfast Club parents park on the school car park to reduce traffic on the Children’s Centre car park (which is much smaller)
  • Drive very slowly on the school site even though you may be pushed for time – be very aware there could be small children around

 Thank you in advance for your cooperation in keeping our children, and their parents, safe and sound.

 If there are further incidents like this our only option will be to consider closing the car parks to any vehicles during the early morning period.



S.W.Robinson (Headteacher)














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