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Westgate Wonders

Holiday Club

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Friends of Westgate

Chairperson Mrs Sharon Purcell 

Vice Chairperson Mrs Pat Mills

Secretary   Mrs Elaine Nutt

Treasurer    Mrs Anne Olde


The school has a thriving Parent/Teacher/Friends Association known as 'Friends of Westgate Primary School'.

Everyone connected with the school is welcome and the association's aims are to foster relationships between the school and the community, and work for the benefit of the children in school.

New parents are encouraged to attend meetings, as this gives an excellent opportunity to become involved in school life and form friendships with other parents.

The 'Friends' organise social events for the school to which everyone in the community is welcome.




Hi, Everyone!

Just to update you on our AGM held recently. A committee was elected and is as follows:

Chairperson  Sharon Purcell        Vice Chairperson  Pat Mills     

 Treasurer  Anne Olde                    Secretary Elaine Nutt

Committee members.  Dawn Altham, Mandy McKay, Steve Bond, Tom Clarke, Jo Dalton, Kerry Caldicott, Jenny Cooper, Lesley Lewis, Mike Beck and Beth Dixon.



Up Coming Events


Valentines Discos

We will be holding 2 Valentines Discos on Thursday 9th February. Both discos will run from 4.15pm – 5.45pm (one in each hall). Tickets cost £2.50 each, and will be available from 30th January. Please buy your tickets by Wed 8th so that Mrs Purcell and her team of helpers can buy the right number of drinks and treats.

KS1 disco will be held in the newY5/6 hall and children should enter school using the door at the far left end of the building – this can be accessed by turning left through the main gates and following the yellow marked path around the staff car park. KS2 children should use the main school entrance as usual.

After the discos, children in Reception, Y1 and Y2 should be picked up from the new hall. Thank you.


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