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Westgate Wonders

Holiday Club

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Friends of Westgate

Chairperson Mrs Sharon Purcell 

Vice Chairperson Mrs Pat Mills

Secretary   Mrs Elaine Nutt

Treasurer    Mrs Anne Olde


The school has a thriving Parent/Teacher/Friends Association known as 'Friends of Westgate Primary School'.

Everyone connected with the school is welcome and the association's aims are to foster relationships between the school and the community, and work for the benefit of the children in school.

New parents are encouraged to attend meetings, as this gives an excellent opportunity to become involved in school life and form friendships with other parents.

The 'Friends' organise social events for the school to which everyone in the community is welcome.




We are some of the members of the PTA at Westgate School; we run different fund raising events throughout the year. All monies raised go back into school for the benefit of all the children.

We are at the moment planning to help with the re-furbishment of the Library. The Christmas party gifts are being delivered soon. Last year we helped with the purchase of the new Nativity costumes. A new pond liner for the KS2 court yard.  The list is endless ....


Dates for our next events.

Halloween Disco       Wednesday 25th October Rec/YR1YR2

                                      Thursday 26th October YR3-4/YR5-6

Mufti day for bingo     Friday 1st December

Christmas bingo          Wednesday 6th December

Grotto                           11th-15th  December

Wake up Santa           11th -22nd December

Selection box raffle     11th-22nd December

Dates to be confirmed for the Valentines disco, Easter bingo and summer fair. We are getting excited about 2 new events that are being planned, more details to follow

If you have any questions please don’t hesitated to contact me through the office. Sharon Purcell







































































































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