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Westgate Primary School


School Admissions

Children are due to start Primary School in the academic year in which they turn 5 years old. For example if your child was born between September 2013 and August 2014 he/she would start school in the Reception class in September 2018.

The process for admissions to Lancashire schools is organised and run by the Local Authority and not the schools. This process is now carried out online. All parents whose children are due to start school in September 2018 need to visit the Local Authority website to access the admissions form. The link here will take you straight to the correct site.

All applications for September 2018 admission need to be completed by Thursday 15th January 2018. Confirmation of places will sent out to parents by post on 16th April 2018.


Parents who are new to the Area may contact their Area Education Office for advice.

Address                      Area Pupil Access Team
                                      North Lancashire - Lancaster, Morecambe, Wyre, Fylde 
                                      PO Box 606, White Cross Education Centre
                                      Quarry Road, Lancaster,  LA1 3SQ

Phone                         01524 581112 or 01524 581163


Parents who plan to change their child's school during the academic year need to speak to their current school and the school they intend to move to about transferring their child. They can also discuss the transfer with the relevant Area Pupil Access Team (contact details above).

 If the child is unhappy in their current school for whatever reason - alleged bullying, not getting on with a teacher etc - parents should first of all contact the current Headteacher and discuss the problems prior to changing schools. School transfer is very disruptive for any child and it is not encouraged if the problem/issue can be resolved via the Headteacher/School.

There is an agreed protocol within Lancashire Schools that unless a child is new to the area, or there are exceptional circumstances the transfer will  take place at the beginning of the next term.


School Admissions

Once you have been offered a place for your child in our school we will be working hard to make sure you and your child get to know us before the September start date. We also need to gain as much information about each child as we can to ensure we are ready to organise their next steps in learning from the word go!

So once we know who will be joining us in September we embark on the following journey:

  • We meet with any pre-school providers each child may have accessed and request information relating to the child’s abilities and any other information which will help us in preparing for a positive start to school.
  • A meeting for all parents is held one evening in May. At this meeting the Headteacher welcomes the new parents and introduces appropriate staff and partner agencies (school nurse, Children’s Centre staff etc). Parents also get to tour the school, visit their child’s classroom and meet their child’s classteacher.
  • Following this initial get together parents and their children are invited to attend a further three meetings but this time in smaller groups. Parents meet with appropriate senior staff (Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, Head of Foundation Stage) and the children join their new classteacher and classmates. Parents are advised about aspects of the school and its policies and practices whilst the children are exploring their new surroundings and making initial social contacts with their peers.
  • The first two weeks of the new academic term in September are part time for the new children. During this time the teachers meet our new parents for a 1:1 chat about the children.
  • During the first half term parents will be invited to workshops to learn about such areas as how we teach reading, phonics demonstrations etc. This begins the teamwork we aim to develop with parents as partners in their child’s education. We also seek feedback from parents at this point about how their children are settling into school and if there are any issues we can be considering.
  • Although parents have contact with staff on a daily basis we hold our first formal “Parent’s Evening,” in October, which is mainly focussed on how well the children are settling in as well as their early progress in the curriculum.

We have found this process works well and generally settling in is a smooth and worry free process. We are however open to ideas and any sort of feedback that can constructively improve what we are doing. The well- being and effective development of the children in our care is our core purpose and a cracking good start to their career at Westgate is our top priority at this stage.


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