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Westgate School Uniforms


 All garments are embroidered with the school logo and are in the school colours of Royal Blue and Gold.

Sweaters, sweatshirts, polo shirts and cardigans come in a range of sizes 24 inch to 34 inch. If you are interested please complete the order form which can be printed off below or picked up from school office, and return it to school with the correct money.

Cheques should be made payable to Westgate Primary School, we can only accept orders with payment.

Garments                                                Cost

Crew Neck Sweatshirt                          £11.00

V Neck Sweatshirt                                 £12.00

Cardigan                                                  £12.00

Polo Shirt                                                £8.50

Ties [self tie and elasticated]              £3.00

Fleece/showerproof jackets                £14.50

PE Kit in a bag [shorts and t-shirt]   £8.50

Book Bag                                                 £5.00

PE Bag                                                     £4.00

Baseball Cap                                           £3.50

Woollen Hat                                           £3.50


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