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Westgate Wonders

Holiday Club

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Westgate Wonders Care Club Ltd




  • Ofsted inspected and registered

  • DBS approved

  • Paediatric 1st Aid qualified

  • Qualified in Food Hygiene

  • CAF Trained

  • Qualified in Safeguarding Children




Westgate Wonders is run by a Voluntary Management Committee. This committee is made up of parents/carers of children from the club, a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Outside Agencies. The Committee provides support for Westgate Wonders, creates policies, develops long-term plans, sets the clubs fees and are responsible for staff and their development.



  •  To provide a safe and secure setting for children before and after school.
  •  To provide a service to parents/carers.
  •  To provide activities that will aid in the development of children emotionally,   socially, physically, intellectually, spiritually and morally.
  •  To provide a healthy breakfast or snack during the session.
  •  To encourage children to engage in the activities of the club.
  •  To encourage parents/carers to be involved in the club to the extent that they wish.

Westgate Wonders aims to run a club that meets the needs of all the children who wish to attend and become an extension to the educational facilities provided by Westgate School.




Westgate Wonders is based on the four principles of the EYFS.


A Unique Child 

 Positive Relationships

 Enabling Environments

 Learning and Development





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