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This term our literacy work is going to revolve all around the fantastic book — ’The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes.  As part of this, we will be continuing to develop our creative writing skills by retelling the story and writing our very own version of the Iron Man.  We will also be writing our own explanations on how a robot works. 

To link in with our Literacy work, we will be finding out about various different aspects of robots so that we can help put the Iron Man back together again.  In DT we will be learning about pneumatics and will design and make a moving robot.  In PE we will be looking at robotic dance movements and in music we will be learning about heavy metal music!  Furthermore, in ICT we will using programming software (Purple Mash) to create a conversation between the Iron Man and Hogarth.  Our science work this term is going to focus on magnets and forces.  We will be exploring which materials are magnetic; how magnets can be used to make things move; investigating magnetic strength and creating robot arms for the Iron Man using magnets.  We will also look at how forces can be used to speed up and slow down moving objects.





Yabadabadoo!  Our topic this term is ‘The Flintstones’ where we will be finding out all about the Stone Age and making our own factual Flintstones documentary.   As part of this, we will step back in time to explore what life was like thousands of years ago.  We will be investigating the properties of rocks and soils and will use our findings to make our very own paint which we will then use to create cave paintings.  We will also be finding out about stone circles and their links with the Sun and shadows.

In Literacy, we will be looking at the story of ‘Ug -  Boy Genius of the Stone Age’ and carrying out learning linked to this on letters. We will also link this to our DT work where we will be designing and creating a new pair of trousers for Ug!  Further Literacy work will include creating instructions on how to make mammoth crumble; writing non-chronological reports on the Stone Age and creating an adventure story linked to the book ‘Stig of the Dump’.






Hello and welcome back to a new term.  Our new topic for the next 8 weeks is 'Morecambe: Now & Then' with the focus being on Geography and History.  As part of this new topic, the children will be looking in detail at the local area and will be learning how to map out routes and how to pursue a geographical line of enquiry.  In particular, we will look at Morecambe as a tourist spot, identifying the different human and physical characteristics that make it attractive to visitors.  This will involve lots of trips out into the local area to carry out fieldwork so we are keeping our fingers crossed for lots of nice weather! 

 In our history work, we will also look at Morecambe's tourist industry and how it has changed - from Mr Blobby Land, to Frontier Land, to the Midland Hotel right the way back to the Victorian period when the Winter Gardens and piers were first built.  Once we have carried out all of our geography and history research, we will finally move on to thinking about Morecambe's future, designing our very own seaside attraction to help attract more visitors to the area.

 In other curriculum areas  we will link our art to the work of local artist Chas Jacobs.  This will include experimenting with colour mixing and shade and tone before we move on to creating our own mural of Morecambe.  In our PE this term, we will be carrying out an 'outdoor and adventurous' unit of work where we will be taking part in a range of different orienteering activities in and around the school and local area.  Our ICT work will focus on PowerPoint where we will be learning how to make our own presentations to encourage visitors to Morecambe.