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Writing at Westgate


At Westgate, we follow the Key Learning Indicators for Reading and Writing to ensure complete coverage of the National Curriculum for English. This provides the basis for constructing all units of English. These can then be broken down in to Learning and Progression Steps (LAPS) for planning, learning objectives and assessment.

The amount of time spent in any one phase is tailored to the needs of the class. Each unit of work should result in at least two extended, written outcomes. This allows children several opportunities to practise and apply newly acquired skills in context. Short writing opportunities are also planned to consolidate key writing skills and to further develop independent writing. Children are encouraged to consider purpose, audience, language and style for all written outcomes.


The effectiveness of this model is enhanced by:

• Feedback and marking on a daily basis and pupils being given time to respond;

• Use of ideas and vocabulary gathered during earlier phases displayed on the working wall;

• Displaying the shared and modelled writing from across the writing phase.


Explicit teaching of grammar, punctuation and sentence skills is delivered through the i-model. The i-model sequence is as follows: immerse, imitate, innovate, invent and improve. Some children receive an adapted i-model session to address lost learning or misconceptions. In Year 6, children complete the Fast Forward Grammar program.


Explicit teaching of spelling is taught through the delivery of the Red Rose Spelling scheme in Years 2 and 3 and No-Nonsense Spelling across Key Stage 2.