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PSHE at Westgate


At Westgate Primary School, we aim to teach the key building blocks of healthy, respectful relationships, focusing on the diversity of family and friendships, in many contexts, including online. This coincides with our aim of teaching the children how to be healthy and keep safe. We intend to explore, discuss and develop children’s personal attributes, values and beliefs around relationships and health as well as issues in the wider world. Our overarching aim is to allow our children to articulate their feelings and develop their vocabulary to talk about health, relationships and emotions as they grow and change into adolescents.


It is our intention that children will gain an understanding of how to develop caring, safe and respectful online and face-to-face relationships, showing an understanding of how this leads to good wellbeing. Children will also learn how to recognise who to trust and who not to trust and manage different situations, knowing when and how to seek help and advice.


We are committed to instilling the conventions of courtesy, manners and the importance of self-respect and recognising how this links to their own happiness. We are focussed on ensuring that children understand that physical and emotional wellbeing are interlinked. We aim to promote pupils’ self-control and the ability to self-regulate, motivating them to want to learn about how physical health and fitness and healthy eating can have a positive impact on attainment and wellbeing.