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Who are our Children Looked After (CLA)?


Children Looked After are those in public care and are either;

  •   Subject to a Care Order or Interim Care Order, living either at home or away from home. The Local Authority has parental authority which it then shares with the parents in a prescribed way.
  •   Accommodated with friends or relatives, foster care or residential homes – parents retain full parental responsibility.
  •  Remanded into care.

A private agreement is not public care - when a child lives with friends or relatives by private arrangement, these children are not designated as Children Looked After.


Westgate Primary School is committed to providing quality education for all its pupils, based on equality of opportunity, access and outcomes. We recognise that nationally, there is considerable educational underachievement of Children Looked After, when compared with their peers and believe we have a special duty to safeguard and promote the education of Children Looked After.