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Westgate’s Curriculum Intent



Westgate Community is ‘United in Life-Long Learning’.


We are committed to developing ready, respectful and safe learners who can thrive academically, socially and emotionally within an inclusive and ambitious learning environment.


Children at Westgate are taught a well designed curriculum through sequenced and progressive lessons in order to build their substantive and disciplinary knowledge.  This enables them to know and remember more, giving them a solid understanding of the subject. We provide opportunities for all children to develop basic skills and allow t

hem time to deepen their knowledge and understanding so promoting mastery.


Our curriculum places a strong emphasis on building a rich and diverse vocabulary. We believe that exposure to purposeful first-hand experiences are of paramount importance to their ongoing success.


Our community is very important to us. We enhance our curriculum through considered links with the locality and wider community. We endeavour to invite as many families and visitors as we can to join and support the children in their learning. We enrich education with trips, visitors, real life experiences and outdoor opportunities.  


We promote British Values and Citizenship; spiritual, moral, social and cultural experiences, weaving them throughout the curriculum to broaden the experiences of our children and support them in understanding their place in our global community.


Valuing each child as individuals supports them in their understanding of positive relationships and knowledge of self through the teaching of PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) as well as our Personal Development offer.


We strive to instil a passion for learning in the children we teach and our teaching staff model this by constantly taking steps to further develop and improve their practice.  Teachers have an excellent knowledge of what each child can do, what adaptations they might require and what their next steps are. We challenge all learners, supporting them to reach their learning goals and make excellent progress.


By adhering to this curriculum intent we aim to empower children to become successful life-long learners and prepare them for the next stage of their learning journey.


Wider Curriculum Year Group Overviews:



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