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French at Westgate


At Westgate Primary School, we aim to widen our pupils views and understanding of the World through the teaching of Languages. We believe that learning a foreign language is a fundamental skill which allows children to access a multi-cultural society and introduces children to the global world. Therefore, it’s our intent to teach languages so that children gain confidence, knowledge and transferrable skills in languages to help and inspire them to progress with languages in their further education.


French is the language we have chosen to teach at Westgate Primary School. It is spoken by by approximately 270 million people in all areas across the world. This makes it a valuable language currency to be fluent in. We introduce and develop the learning of the French language, the understanding of its culture in enjoyable and stimulating ways. We aim to embed the essential skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing as well as build children’s cultural capital so they are aware of the similarities and differences between cultures.