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PE at Westgate 


At Westgate Primary School, we aim to provide a high quality skills based curriculum which inspires all children to succeed in a range of physical activity. We intend for children to be physically confident and gain a good understanding of a healthy lifestyle. We intend to provide a wide range of competition which aims to develop and build character. Our children enjoy participation and competition and therefore we intend for our PE curriculum to be broad and balanced, as well as offering a range of extra-curricular clubs and opportunities. We intend for our children to learn the key values that playing sport provides (respect, fairness, teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership).





To ensure our children become increasingly competent and confident in different sports, we intend for our children to master the basic fundamental movements of agility, balance and coordination. Children will then progress to mastering the fundamental movement skills of travelling, jumping, striking, sending and receiving. Children then move on to develop fundamental sports skills and then applying these skills to specific sports. Throughout the curriculum we will provide children with a wide range of sporting experiences and challenges. We intend to inspire children to develop the skills to reflect on their performance and demonstrate improvements to achieve their personal best and to be able to recognise their own success.




It is our intent to broaden access to swimming for children as we believe this is a fundamental life-long skill. We intend for all our children to have this opportunity to swim to enable more children to be safe and confident in the water, especially as our surrounding local area is close to many open waters.