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Science at Westgate 


At Westgate Primary School, we intend to deliver a high quality education to develop children’s knowledge, skills and understanding within Science. Throughout our Science curriculum, we intend for our children to be exposed to key scientific concepts in the areas of physics, chemistry and biology. We aim to teach specific subject knowledge, practical methods and approaches, in order to develop a knowledge of how applications of Science impact on our lives today and in the future.





We are committed to inspire children to want to learn more about natural phenomena and develop within them excitement and a curiosity that will enable them to appreciate and learn about the important role that Science plays in our lives. We aim to develop a sense of awe and wonder by enabling children to experience fun, practical investigative learning. It is our intention for children to be provided with the opportunities to follow different lines of enquiry which will develop the key skills of prediction, observation, recording, analysis, evaluation and conclusion. We aim for children to select and use appropriate equipment and acquire key scientific vocabulary to develop their knowledge and skills of the scientific world.