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Westgate school has a holistic approach to education, valuing all learning in and out of the classroom. We focus on  building positive relationships between children, staff, parents and wider community. 

We recognise understanding our emotions is a key aspect of managing behaviour successfully.  As a school, we believe it is our role is to educate all as to how to recognise and regulate our emotions effectively.  Therefore here at Westgate we have a Relationship and Regulation policy which aims for both adults and children to understand and regulate their own behaviour, creating a secure environment that is conducive to learning.  


Underpinning this Relationships and Regulation policy is the belief that everyone can learn to self-manage and regulate their own emotions and behaviour. Through this, we encourage reflective thinking and restorative approaches. Ultimately, we wish to give our children confidence about their capacity to think for themselves and to make sense of their own lives and experiences into the world beyond the school gates. 


This policy is for all staff, pupils, parents/carers, governors, visitors and partner agencies working within the school and provides guidelines and procedures as to how our school supports and responds to behaviour.  


To read the full policy, please click on the link below:


Full Policy

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Here are some helpful suggestions for parents to support the practice in schools:


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